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Accelerate & Retain Your Key Leaders

Designed for motivated mid-career leaders who are looking to take their career to the next level, The Roundtable for Leaders is a powerful leadership development process that harnesses the power of peer to peer interactions while also leveraging the benefits of one-on-one coaching and peer mentoring.

Working in small peer groups, leaders meet at regular intervals over 12 months. Led by an experienced group coach, they learn and share practical strategies and tools; discuss crucial issues related to their immediate challenges and opportunities; and, get feedback and insights to help them move forward against goals.

As part of the process, participants learn how to coach and mentor one another and how to accept and internalize feedback. Between sessions, they individually work on their
plans and, with the support of learning partners, implement new tools and strategies.
The process is powerful and intense and leads to sustained behaviour change. Personalized coaching around the core peer sessions provides further support on the leadership issues that matter most to them individually.

Graduates come away with clear direction on how to maximize their leadership and business impact, the confidence to make better decisions and lead with purpose and broadened capability in order to take on more.

Get a taste of our award-winning Roundtable for Leaders program by enrolling in our 2016 public programs, launching Fall 2016.

Roundtable for Leaders Snap Shot

  • 12 month program
  • 8 members from various functional areas
  • Sessions held every 6 weeks (3 hours in length)
  • Incorporates: 360 Assessment, Peer Coaching, Individual Coaching
  • Led by experienced coach & facilitator

Key Program Elements

Leadership 360 Assessment (using the LEA tool) to provide insight around current approach to leadership and identify strengths and development opportunities.

Individual Debrief & Goal Setting Session to understand feedback through the leadership assessment and to clearly define areas of development focus.

8 x 3 Hour Peer Sessions (every 4-6 weeks) Sessions are structured around 3 core components: Learning Clinic discussion, focused on identified learning topics; Peer Coaching around pressing issues or opportunities that leaders bring forward to the group for coaching and input; Commitments and Progress Reporting.

5 Hours of Additional Personalized Coaching structured between peer sessions to allow leaders to further explore the issues that matter most to them in a 1:1 format.

Participation in Executive Roundtable events and resources, including monthly webinars, online resources, special events and networking opportunities.

Bring our Roundtable for Leaders Program Onsite

Our Roundtable for Leaders on-site, peer-based program is a powerful way to add sustainability to existing leadership strategies and accelerate the performance of specific management groups within your organization. Well suited for larger companies that are interested in leveraging peer learning across business silos or geography, the Roundtable for Leaders program provides a core framework that can integrate into your existing programs and allow you to save money and time by leveraging existing assessments, performance management and other leadership development opportunities currently used in your organization.

A variety of custom tailored options are available to organizations interested in implementing a peer-based program or enhance an existing program. We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, so talk to us about how we can best support your objectives. Some examples…

  • Train-the-facilitator options for onsite coaches and/or line executives
  • Integration of existing assessments / personal development plans / onsite processes
  • Additional one-to-one coaching sessions
  • Peer-led ancillary group sessions
  • Executive Mentoring support (leveraging internal executives)

For more information on Corporate In-house programs or Toronto public programs contact Glain Roberts McCabe. 416-907-2106 x222
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"This program is a game changer and has significantly elevated our talent." – Jack Nadeau, PepsiCo Foods Canada
"“The powerful combination of peer and individual coaching over the duration of a year brings value that is different from any other program I’ve experienced.” " – Alison De Luisa, Director, Human Resources Cambrian College